How to select right mask for your skin

Here are some of my suggestions on how to select the right mask or treatment for your skin:

photo 9

1. Know your skin conditions and what are you are addressing.
2. If possible, try the sample in the inner arms and make sure your don’t have a reaction.
3. Purchase the travel size, before you purchase a full size.
4. Check out the products review on Youtube or other social media network.

I purchased the few travel size mask and exfoliated treatment. Here is my review on each.

photo 7

1. Boscia: Luminizing Black mask full size 2.8 $34.00
This peel-off black mask will help to detoxify, purify and brighten the skin. However, after I peeled it off my inner arm, the mask made my arm turn red. Well, this is a sign telling me this mask is too strong for me.

photo 10

2. Glam Glow : Supermud full size 1.2oz $69.00
This clay mud mask helps to deep clean the skin and prevent problem skin. After I applied a thin layer on my skin for 10 minutes, I rinsed it off with water immediately. My skin feels and looks more fresh and clean. I will purchase this is full size soon!

3. KateSomerville : Exfolikate full size 0.5 oz $22.00 /2.0 oz $85.00/ 5.0 oz $175
This exfoliated treatment helps to reduce acne, blackhead and reduces discoloration. After I massaged my face with this exfoliate and left it on for 30 seconds (the enzymes doing their magic) I rinsed off with warm water, my skin felt very fresh and smooth. Another product I will purchase in full size.

4. Peter Thomas Roth: Firm Peeling Gel full size 3.4 oz $48.00
This peeling gel rolls, lifts and sweeps away dead skin cells. So after massaged and left it on for 1 minute, I don’t feel it was working for me! So, I will pass on the full size.

Here are the winners for the mask and exfoliate!

photo 6photo 11


Fresh Black Tea Collection

More and more western skin care brands are using Asian remedy as new ingredients. Fresh recently launch a new collection “Black Tea”. I purchased the Age Delay Eye Concentrate and Instant Perfecting Mask . Here are my thoughts on these products.


Instant Perfecting Mask
When you first open the bottle you’d think you need to apply a very dense cream, but it turn out to be a very cooling and light weight  mask. The mask provides a hydration to the skin, but I would recommend you apply very thick layer to seal the skin better without it quickly drying out (see picture below for reference). The mask also make your skin feel cooling and tickle a little.

TIP: Any time I use any mask I always  apply eye cream around my eye first. The reason is that the mask will pull your skin down and most the mask will tell you avoid eye area ! Therefore apply eye cream before the mask to create a barrier so the mask not pull my eye area. After rise the mask off my face still feel tickling I would say this mask is perfect for hot summer day.

Age Delay Eye Concentrate
I used it for few days and I didn’t see any difference. It hydrates the eye area but I didn’t feel any firming. So I feel this is more for preventatives. I know most the skin care ask you to use for 30 days or longer to see a results, but be honest I have tried some skin care products and you can see results with in 3 days. Also, I didn’t smell the Tea scent in both the mask and eye cream which was a disappointment. I wish I can smell the tea scent . I listed all the products from Black tea collection with a brief info from their company website for your reference .

“Tea is the world’s most ancient remedy. It was discovered thousands of years ago in China, whose people cultivated its use as a medicine, as a ritual, as an art form. Tea has a rich history and an even deeper meaning for us because of our Russian heritage, as it is an enormous part of our own culture.”   —Lev & Alina, Fresh Founders


  • Black tea ferment is an advanced antioxidant that helps to defend against wrinkle-causing free radicals** while softening, smoothing, and enhancing luster.


A hydrating treatment that immediately reveals softer, firmer, healthier-looking skin. 100ml for $88

A face cream with advanced antioxidants that is proven to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and firm, smooth, and retextures the skin. 50ml for $95

An advanced eye treatment that diminishes and prevents signs of aging while moisturizing and visibly firming the eye area. 15ml for $85

A firming treatment proven to diminish the signs of aging, protect from future damage, and provide 24 hours of supreme moisture. 30ml for $85

An advanced treatment toner that’s proven to provide 24 hours of moisture while evening skin tone and refining skin texture. 120ml for $48

*images and information provided from


Skin Care Tips in 2 Minutes

Last week I posted the first video from my new series, “Skin Care Tips In Two Minutes”. This video blog is intended to share and answer questions you may have in a quick and informative two minute video. I will share quick and easy tips that will fit any lifestyle! Leave your skin care questions in the commend area and you just may see you question answered in the series.

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Professional Hair and Makeup Expo Haul

If you did not check out the ‘PHAMExpo” aka Professional Hair and Makeup Expo this year, you have to check it out this year! Why? Many of these shows are industry-only but “PHAMExpo” is open to public! Plus, I was able to get a deal from Groupon. What is Professional hair and Makeup Expo? It is for any one who is interested in the latest trends for hair and makeup. Also you can see a live demo on makeup in many different styles from Beauty to theater makeup. But the most important thing to me was getting good deals on makeup, hair products and tools.  Let me show you what I got!

1. Lime Crime – It’s impossible to miss this brand. You see a lot of people walking around with this super big green and pink shopping bag.  Very smart marketing  strategy.  In 2008, style icon Doe Deere set out to create the cosmetic line of her dream. Lime Crime is synonymous with innovative, vegan, cruelty free makeup for fashion forward girls around the world.

– Palett D’antoineet eye shadow contain 5 eye shadows for $35

photo 6

– Velvetine Lip Stain liquid lip color transform liquid to matte stain finish $20 each. This is also water poof lip color, I wash 4 time with cleansing oil finally get 90 % off, I still see a little stain on my arm. Colors are Pink Velvet and Red Velvet.

photo 4

– Liquid Liner $14 each. Colors are Lunar Sea and Blue Milk.

photo 5

–  Eye Shadow Helper – Water proof primer is $20 each. As you can see after rising with water, the eye shadow is still on!!!! I almost feel you shouldn’t use this waterproof daily and only use if you are going to beach or pool party.

photo 7Lime Crime 

2. Bon Bliss – bath & body treats
This is what I call reinvention. I am sure you see body scrub but I bet you’ve never seen a body scrub in candy wrap or truffle packaging. Did I mention this is for one time use? Love love the packing and idea behind the brand. Over 12 delicious scents available.

photo 8Bon Bliss Beauty 

3. Cailyn O! Wow Brush $28 each
Super cool looking brush can be use with liquid, power and BB cream. The Brush is very dense and offers light to full coverage base on your application. I used it a few times and it feels very soft on the skin but the handle feels a little flimsy. I wonder if they will make one bigger sizes with a stronger handle. I would recommend sticking with the beauty blender for easy use.

photo 9Cailyn

4. Z Palette – Love this customizable makeup palette
You can pull your own shadows or blushes all in one palette for easy use. Even if you are not perfessional makeup artist, this little palette will save you time and space on finding your make up.

photo 10Z.PALETTE 

Natural Make Up for Men and Women

my make up


Natural Makeup for men and women

Wearing makeup is not just for only for women anymore. Many makeup brands are starting to carry men’s makeup. Let even skin complexions help build you’re confident, which will impact self esteem.

The best compliment you can get is “Your skin looks amazing. What skin care do you use? “  The worse compliment is “ Wow I like your foundation. What brand you are using now?” I am going to share my favorites products that will help you achieved a natural makeup for both men and women.

Loreal BB cream


I like L’oreal Youth Code BB cream because the BB cream is very light (feels like a non-greasy, lightweight moisturizer), evens our my skin tone and provides a broad spectrum SPF 15. When you apply this BB Cream it melts into the skin and makes your skin look and feel more radiant, soft and hydrated. However, if you apply with your finger it will only offer low coverage. If you’re like me, I need more than low coverage so I use a sponge or beauty blender to apply the foundation and get more medium coverage. To get a more defined look, I often use two colors “Light and Medium” to created a super natural contour look (check out my YouTube video for demo) for $13.99 on Target online.


When I need complete coverage I also use the Laneige BB Cushion after the L’oreal Youth Code BB cream. It’s still a BB cream that’s also very light but in the compact form.  For men, you’d have to see beyond the compact adn focus on the result. Laneige, offering a fuller coverage, is a Korean brand used to only be available at Korean markets but they are now available at Target!! BB Cushion is very unique with a SPF 50 broad spectrum protection. The liquid makeup is saturated in the sponge. See the image below. I recommend using the sponge and pressing on the skin for fuller coverage. You will be surprised how your skin looks after the makeup. So glowing with an even compexion! It will almost look like you have no makeup! The BB Cushion is only $34.00 on Target online, includes one refill.

I also use Chanel Les Beiges; this press power can be use alone or over the makeup. This press pwder gives a natural and translucent finish. The best part of this compact is that it comes with a mini brush for application. $57.50


Check out my Youtube video for tutorial




Cl’e de peau BEAUTE Illuminating Concentrate Review

If you ask: if I can only take one skin care product with me when I travel, what would that be ? I can tell you “mask”. I am a strong believer in masks. In fact, I use SK-II Facial Treatment Mask 5x a week. Mask is the only reason why my skin looks as good as it does.


Cl’e de peau Illuminating Concentrate is a 3 step intensive treatment mask and delivers instant radiance to the skin.

photo 2

Step 1: Lotion – free skin form old cells. A refreshing lotion helps to removes old skin cells and prepare your skin for next step.

Step 2: Essence – infuses skin with a radiance. This serum essence creates instant luminosity and makes your skin look and feel soft.

Step 3: Mask – optimizes radiance and revitalizes skin. This soothing mask is instilled with a unique beauty gel that locks in the benefits of essence for more and long lasting radiance.

photo 4

After applying this mask for 10 minutes, my skin really looks and feels soft and radiant. Of the 3 steps, I really enjoyed step 2: Essence. I wish they sell this essence by itself because I think the most powerful item of this treatment is step 2: Essence. As far as the results, it lasts about 2 days for me which is standard so I am happy with this mask.



Generation Beauty 2014 by Ipsy

Guy Tang, Michelle Phan and Steve Jan at Generation Beauty 2014
Guy Tang, Michelle Phan and Steve Jan at Generation Beauty 2014

Yesterday, I attended Generation Beauty 2014 by Ipsy at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles, California. This event hosted by Michelle Phan’s Ipsy and sponored by various cosmetics, beauty and hair care companies. Generation Beauty has a ton of amazing workshops and meetups by top beauty gurus and established professionals. The idea behind the event is to grow your social network community by connecting at the event with other women and men, who share your beauty interests.

EM Cosmetics by Michelle Phan at Generation Beauty 2014
EM Cosmetics by Michelle Phan at Generation Beauty 2014

Here are a few of the many companies that attended the event: EM by Michelle Phan; Bare Minerals; Josie Maran; Laneige; Sexy Hair; Vincent Longo; Proactiv; and Temptu, just to name a few. Many of the companies in attendance had fun activities and gifts for the guests. In addition, there were workshops on increasing your social media presence and speakers chatting about developing YouTube, Facebook, and other social media channels.

Jean Supan (Instagram _JEAN22S) and Steve Jan at Generation Beauty 2014
Jean Supan (Instagram _JEAN22S) and Steve Jan at Generation Beauty 2014
Steve and his friend, celebrity hair stylist, Guy Tang at Generation Beauty 2014
Steve and his friend, celebrity hair stylist, Guy Tang at Generation Beauty 2014

I had a great time hanging out with my friend and celebrity hair stylist, Guy Tang, seeing a few of my social media friends, and general having a great time! I would encourage you to check out the Generation Beauty website ( ) for the next Generation Beauty event.


La Prairie Skin Caviar Eye Lift Cream Review

the_caviar_collection_collection-dp-h2-en_US-1280By now, you know I love luxury skin care brands! I strongly feel that the more I try different brands the better I will be able to share my experiences with you.  There are many new products that are launched every month but today I am going to share an existing product from La Prairie.

1987 La Praire creates the first phenomenon by introducing the Skin Caviar, the encapsulated delivery system containing the Caviar Pearls.  20 years later, The Skin Caviar Eye Lift Cream was launched despite the many new eye creams available. This is still one of best seller in luxury brands.  This eye cream helps to target seven concerns around the eyes: fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, loss of elasticity , puffiness, dark circle and dryness.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream and spatula

This eye cream addresses the 3 areas:

1. Lifting and Firming : 3 dimensional protein network, firm, lift and tightens. Caviar extracts, biopolymer of sweet almond proteins, marines lifting complex , bio mimetic peptide and extracellular matrix tripeptide work together for maximum lifting  and firming.

2. Hydrating : Moisture complex imparts 24 hours hydration. Botanical root, rich in potassium, boosts hydration.

3. Brightening and Smoothing: Restorative algae extract. Inhibits the appearance of dark circles.

The texture feels rich but not heavy. Very little amount will allow you cover entire the eye area. I would suggest using this eye cream at night (as you should use the best products you have at night) allowing deeper penetration.

The packaging is beautiful. You will just have to watch my video to see their attention to details!

photo 5-1

This Eye cream is 20ml/0.68 oz $320 can you call this luxury !

Check out my Youtube video below

YSL Forever Youth Liberator Products Review

9.17_YSL-FYL-Landing-SiteUpdate-v1YSL Forever Youth Liberator Collection, doesn’t that name sounds an amazing? I am sure everyone on this planet wants a fountain of youth or long lasting beauty. Personally, I know if we take good care of our skin, body and mind, you will see a delay of aging process. Unfortunately, too many people don’t even spend time taking care their skin left alone taking care of their body and mind. So, if you want long lasting beauty you must do the following:

1. Believing in yourself: That’s right! It’s a very simple thing called believing in yourself will change everything in your life.

2. Spend time on your skin: If you spend less than 2 mintues to take care your skin, we have problem. I would recommend starting and ending your day with a cleanse, toner, moisturizer  SPF for day and masking at night.

3. Balance healthy life style: Eat lots green and dark color fruits for antioxidant and exercise!

photo 5

Forever Youth Liberator collection contains anti aging ingredients call Glycanatif which will restore your skin’s youthful beauty. Your skin will look instantly more luminous and soft. Skin will feel more supple and visibly improve after one month of use.  As always, I purchased the trial set first, includes Cleansing Foam 0.7 oz. Night Cream 0.2 oz. Serum 1.0 oz and eye serum 0.5 oz. The Eye serum is a full size which costs $120 and the face serum also full size costs $155 but the kit I purchased is only $180 on their company website. The trail kit is not only a great deal but also great way to first experience the line.

Of all 4 products, I like the night cream the best! Simply because it doesn’t have too much perfume. I am very disappointed in the face serum for 2 reasons. The strong perfume scent and the medicine dropper does not work very well. The Eye serum however is smell little less fragranced and the dropper works a little better.

Check out my youtube channel for YSL Forever Youth Liberator review below.




Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale

I get this question all the time, “What product should I get when I am trying “X” brand for the first time?” I never suggest to purchase a full line because it can be very pricey and it may not even work with your skin. I recommend to purchase a trial set or travel set before you invest too much and they usually will cost 50% less than full sizes.

photo 5

I heard much buzz about Guerlain’s Orchidee Imperiale because out of the 30,000 different Orchidee in the words, only three were used in the skin care plus a new Gold Orchid  that regenerates cell life. How can I not try it 🙂 I purchased the Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Voyage (travel set ) which includes the Exceptional Complete Care Cream 15ml/0.50fl, Exceptional Complete Care Longevity Concentrate 10ml/0.33oz, and Exceptional Complete Care Eye and Lip Cream 7ml/0.23oz.

1. Exceptional Complete Care Cream 1.7oz retailed at $445.00 is the 3rd generation in the line. Anytime a product goes through a major upgrade and receives great reviews, it is most likely selling very well. Something to consider when you are checking out new brands. This face cream will help revitalize and renew your skin giving you a younger look. The cream recovers skins density, firmness and elasticity.

photo 3

2. Exceptional Complete Care Longevity Concentrate 1.0oz retailed at $498.00 works on all visible signs of aging quickly and intensely. The formula restores the skin to a more youthful look. The cream melts into the skin.

photo 4

3. Exceptional Complete Care Eye and Lip Cream 0.5oz retailed at $200.00 enhanced with the revitalizing gold orchid technolgy which will reduce fine lines, puffiness and dark circle under the eyes. You can also use it around the lips! Honestly, any eye cream can be applied to the lips area.

So, check out a trial set or travel kit before investing in a new brand!