Skin Care Essentials

Steve Jan has been in the beauty, cosmetics and skin care industry all of his professional career. Throughout his career, Steve has amassed a mountain of skin care secrets, techniques and experience. The Skin Care Essentials video series is dedicated to organizing some of this knowledge, in to short, easy to understand presentations on the most discussed skin care topics. We trust you will enjoy all of the Skin Care Essentials videos, and please feel free to email Steve with any questions. Cheers!

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    1. Hi,
      you can use products that contain BHA and AHA which will help to remove remove surface skin layer. but this process will take few weeks, but you should starting notices how your skin feel soft and black head is not so rough. usually in few day the back head will just come off. But you should keep the skin clean all the time. I hope this helps xoxo

  1. hallo steve. i just found out that actually my fte men number series product isn’t same with on the package box. which is number series on bottle has passed 7years ago. and i bought this product was on 5 September 2015. the question is, is it oke if i still countinue to use it? because this product kind of expensive which is i bought with contain 215ml. before i always using 30ml. i am really sorry, if my english are bad.

    thank you.

    1. all skin care products have stander 3 years time plus 1 year after you open, that is 4 years time. if 5 years ,,thats too old
      everything country department store have their own policy ,,,but you can always ask the SK-II BC you purchased from

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