Ha’andah Organic Products Review and Give Away

1414026019652If you have been following me on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram you know I have become intrigued by a new brand of organic bath and skin products call Ha’andah. These are organic products created by two mothers who were concerned about exposing their families to chemicals found in many mass produced everyday products. It only took a short amount of time before they realized their products should be available to all those who share their passion. I love their story, and confidence in their products. It is concrete evidence, that a dream can become reality, if you just believe in yourself and your passion. I encourage all of my followers to dream BIG! You just never know.

The name Ha’andah comes from the Apache indians and means “all Welcome”. All products in the Ha’ andah line are handcrafted, organic, and made in small batches. Spa, facial, body and household products are infused with the earth’s most precious elements. When I interviewed Beckah and Stephanie, the founders of the company, they told me it was very important to them to use only raw materials that come from the earth! Hundreds of years ago, humans only used what was available around them. So why couldn’t we do it today? I think Ha’ andah has done just that.

As an authority in the world of skin care, I understand that there is a need for 100% organic products in the market. However, there seems to be as many reasons why people choose organic products, as there are people who actually use them. Some people truly need to avoid certain chemical ingredients due to allergy and other similar problems. There are others who simply want organic products because they have read on the Internet to avoid everything that is not made with all natural ingredients. With the exception of people with chemical allergies, I feel choosing to use organic products is nothing more than a personal preference. In the interest of providing a fair and balanced review, I want to make certain that everyone knows the stringent FDA requirement all luxury skin care must comply with before it can be sold to the public. Furthermore, my followers should understand that just because a product is labeled “organic” doesn’t mean you won’t have an allergic reaction to it. When using any new product one should test a small amount of that product on the inner arm or behind the ear.

If you are looking for budget friendly skin or body care, Ha’andah offers amazing organic products at truly affordable pricing. I would like to share with you following products that I purchased:


1. Botanical Cleansing Oil $28
This is 100% organic and natural blend of vetiver , neroli oil and tamanu oil has the capability to turn your skin around. OK, first let me tell you, I love the cleansing oil, how it feels on the skin, and the natural scent. However, this is a very dense oil, you will need to use lots of warm water to remove it. After removing the oild from your face, your skin will feel very hydrated. If you have oily skin, it may take little while to get use to it. For dry skin, just go buy it !

2. Renewal Water – Tone & Replenish $16
A spray toner blend of witch hazel , with invigorating aloe, organic =rose hip see oil Β and rose water.. I love how this Β spray toner smells and refreshes the skin. I can’t wait to try this on the plane to Hawaii next week.

3. Restructuring Serum $24
This serum or I call it oil contains Gotu Kola and Vetiver, which is designed to repair worn and damage skin. This serum helps to stimulate the skin cells to heal and regenerate. I know this product is serum , but it feel like oil. I have tried using this serum (oil) under my moisturizer and it does make my skin feel smooth.

4. Clay Masque – Activate & Clarify $28
A magnetic blend of deep cleaning activated charcoal & electrically charge healing Bentonite Clay to pull any impurities from your skin. I would recommend you start with: one tablespoon of water in a bowel; very, very “gently” add the black powder; slowly mix the water and powder together to form the mask; and then apply on your skin !

5. Clay Masque – Cleanse & Glow $22
This mask blend of wildcrafted botanicals to exfoliate Β & soften , enriches the skin with vitamin A , retinol , and rose clay. I have not tried this yet but I am sure I will like it.


6. Body Scrub – Nothing to hide $16
A blend of large organic sugar crystals, paired with cooling peppermint oil, wild crafted peppermint leaves and hydrating carrier oils. This body scrub has a nice, not powering scent, and will make your body feel soft and smooth.

7. Bath Soak – Detox & Restore $16
Luxurious blend of detoxifying & muscle soothing minerals, skin sorting oat powder, and a fragrant blend of botanical and essential oils. The smell is heavenly.

8. Under Pressure – Eucalyptus Citrus $12
A multipurpose oil blend with jojoba oil, apricot oil, eucalyptus oil and eucalyptus globules and essential oils. I have been using this oil when I have body massage. It’s wonderful for stress relief and will make your body smell amazing.

9. Cocoa Mint Lip Balm $5
This is made form 100% local beeswax (Fallbrook , CA) protective lip balm also acts as natural sunscreen, wrinkle prevention and healing agent. I been carry this with me everywhere i go. Sometime I event use on the dry skin area. Small wonder!


10. Kitchen &Bath cleanser $14
Anatural disinfectant , chemical free, dye and fragrance free and no animal testing. Blend with filtered water, hydrogen peroxide, sodium carbonate, vinegar and organic essential oils.

11. Laundry Soap – Drop your pants $8
Made with certified fair trade and organic oils. Biodegradable and vegetable based. No synthetic foaming agents , preservatives or thickener.

Let me know if you found this information helpful.
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