Dolce & Gabbana Skincare Aurealux


I am so exciting about the AUREALUX skincare collection by Dolce & Gabbana. The name Aurealux is inspired from the latin term for Gold or “Aurea” which has played a sigificant part of the Dolce & Gabbana image and has been a element of their fashion for many years, and Lux or “Light” represents a desired radiance from the skin. This product is very new and so my opinions are based on the initial release.

The key ingredients of Aurealux are Gold Silk Cocoon from the East, rich and nourishing Olive Oil from the West, and Vitamin B3 inspired by the wheat fields of southern Sicily. Dolce & Gabbana science has isolated the life fostering qualities of the extremely rare and resilient Gold Silk Cocoon into an exclusively sourced Gold Silk Sericin. Gold Flavo Silk Tricomplex offers radiance, smooth texture and contour for your skin.

There are total Five (5) products in this collection : Aurealux Essence , Aurealux Serum , Aurealux  Cream, Aurealux Eye Gel and Auealux Mask. I have only used three of the five products to date.

photo 16
D&G Aurealux Serum

Aurealux Serum (Radiance Elixir) 1.0 oz $ 129.00
Hydrates to boost skin radiance and actively helps improve firmness over time. I would said this is a super light weight serum, it penetrate to your skin soon after you apply and it has floral scent.

photo 15

Aurealux Cream (Radiance Moisturizer) 1.6oz $129.00
A cream that almost feel like a  cream gel texture , this cream helps radiantly even tone, smooth texture and sensually contoured shape. The floral scent is little more richer than the serum

photo 14

Aurealux Eye Gel (Instant Revitaliser) 0.5oz $ 72.00
This eye gel offer instantly revitalizes, refresh and soothes tired looking eyes. This is also my favorite of the three products. As you can see in the picture above, the gel texture has a bounce back technology. After you remove the required amount of product, the surface of the unused portion of the product will “bounce back” and return to a smooth surface. This is super cool technology. The products floral scent is so light that you will hardly smell it. This gel is perfect for any one who has oily skin and it can be use under make up.

In addition to the Aurealux collection, Dolce & Gabbana also is offering the Essential collection. The Essential collection includes cleansing and protection products including, Essential Cleansing Gel, Essential Cleansing Milk, Essential Cleansing Oil, Essential Cleansing Water, Essential Eye Make Up Remover, Essential Exfoliator, Essential Toner and Essential UV cream.

Overall I love the packaging of this collection, it look so beautiful and elegant. As for the results, I immediately experienced a very smooth and soft feeling. The next day, I still felt the effects of these products. If you like Dolce & Gabbana make up, D&G has carried their theme through to the skin care, creating a very elegant and classy packaging. If you love D&G products, you will love their skin care.

In the USA , Dolce & Gabbana Skin Care is only available select Saks Fifth Avenue