Skin Care for 20’s


Some cosmetic company targets their consumer by age such as Shiseido Benefique. This collection targets 20’s skin. Benefice uses Asian botanical ingredients with Shiseido’s cutting edge science to boosts skin’s inner strength and revitalizes its outer beauty.

There are three Asian botanical ingredients:
1. Tiger Lily Root Extract
*Promotes the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid to keep skin moisturized, smooth and firm
2. Ginseng Extra
*Promotes the production of fibroblasts allowing skin to heal and recover
3. Angelica Root Extra
*Energizes cells to keep skin vibrant and young

photo 12

I only purchased 2 products to try. They are :
1. NT Cleansing Foam 4.5oz
This cleansing foam feels so smooth and soft while I wash my face but after I rinse it off with warm water, it makes my skin feel little dry ! I think this is for normal to oily skin.

2. NT Emulsion II  5.0 oz
The Emulsion is very liquidity and light weight; a little goes long way. There is not much scent in these products. I wish I can smell the Ginseng.

photo 13

Over all, I feel this line is a good starters kit for someone has never used skin care before. Why ? Well, over all the consistency were light weight and the steps were not too complicated. Did I mention the package were so beautiful and fresh. As always, I recommend that you try out one or two products before you purchase a full line.


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