How to select right mask for your skin

Here are some of my suggestions on how to select the right mask or treatment for your skin:

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1. Know your skin conditions and what are you are addressing.
2. If possible, try the sample in the inner arms and make sure your don’t have a reaction.
3. Purchase the travel size, before you purchase a full size.
4. Check out the products review on Youtube or other social media network.

I purchased the few travel size mask and exfoliated treatment. Here is my review on each.

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1. Boscia: Luminizing Black mask full size 2.8 $34.00
This peel-off black mask will help to detoxify, purify and brighten the skin. However, after I peeled it off my inner arm, the mask made my arm turn red. Well, this is a sign telling me this mask is too strong for me.

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2. Glam Glow : Supermud full size 1.2oz $69.00
This clay mud mask helps to deep clean the skin and prevent problem skin. After I applied a thin layer on my skin for 10 minutes, I rinsed it off with water immediately. My skin feels and looks more fresh and clean. I will purchase this is full size soon!

3. KateSomerville : Exfolikate full size 0.5 oz $22.00 /2.0 oz $85.00/ 5.0 oz $175
This exfoliated treatment helps to reduce acne, blackhead and reduces discoloration. After I massaged my face with this exfoliate and left it on for 30 seconds (the enzymes doing their magic) I rinsed off with warm water, my skin felt very fresh and smooth. Another product I will purchase in full size.

4. Peter Thomas Roth: Firm Peeling Gel full size 3.4 oz $48.00
This peeling gel rolls, lifts and sweeps away dead skin cells. So after massaged and left it on for 1 minute, I don’t feel it was working for me! So, I will pass on the full size.

Here are the winners for the mask and exfoliate!

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Fresh Black Tea Collection

More and more western skin care brands are using Asian remedy as new ingredients. Fresh recently launch a new collection “Black Tea”. I purchased the Age Delay Eye Concentrate and Instant Perfecting Mask . Here are my thoughts on these products.


Instant Perfecting Mask
When you first open the bottle you’d think you need to apply a very dense cream, but it turn out to be a very cooling and light weight  mask. The mask provides a hydration to the skin, but I would recommend you apply very thick layer to seal the skin better without it quickly drying out (see picture below for reference). The mask also make your skin feel cooling and tickle a little.

TIP: Any time I use any mask I always  apply eye cream around my eye first. The reason is that the mask will pull your skin down and most the mask will tell you avoid eye area ! Therefore apply eye cream before the mask to create a barrier so the mask not pull my eye area. After rise the mask off my face still feel tickling I would say this mask is perfect for hot summer day.

Age Delay Eye Concentrate
I used it for few days and I didn’t see any difference. It hydrates the eye area but I didn’t feel any firming. So I feel this is more for preventatives. I know most the skin care ask you to use for 30 days or longer to see a results, but be honest I have tried some skin care products and you can see results with in 3 days. Also, I didn’t smell the Tea scent in both the mask and eye cream which was a disappointment. I wish I can smell the tea scent . I listed all the products from Black tea collection with a brief info from their company website for your reference .

“Tea is the world’s most ancient remedy. It was discovered thousands of years ago in China, whose people cultivated its use as a medicine, as a ritual, as an art form. Tea has a rich history and an even deeper meaning for us because of our Russian heritage, as it is an enormous part of our own culture.”   —Lev & Alina, Fresh Founders


  • Black tea ferment is an advanced antioxidant that helps to defend against wrinkle-causing free radicals** while softening, smoothing, and enhancing luster.


A hydrating treatment that immediately reveals softer, firmer, healthier-looking skin. 100ml for $88

A face cream with advanced antioxidants that is proven to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and firm, smooth, and retextures the skin. 50ml for $95

An advanced eye treatment that diminishes and prevents signs of aging while moisturizing and visibly firming the eye area. 15ml for $85

A firming treatment proven to diminish the signs of aging, protect from future damage, and provide 24 hours of supreme moisture. 30ml for $85

An advanced treatment toner that’s proven to provide 24 hours of moisture while evening skin tone and refining skin texture. 120ml for $48

*images and information provided from


Skin Care for 20’s


Some cosmetic company targets their consumer by age such as Shiseido Benefique. This collection targets 20’s skin. Benefice uses Asian botanical ingredients with Shiseido’s cutting edge science to boosts skin’s inner strength and revitalizes its outer beauty.

There are three Asian botanical ingredients:
1. Tiger Lily Root Extract
*Promotes the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid to keep skin moisturized, smooth and firm
2. Ginseng Extra
*Promotes the production of fibroblasts allowing skin to heal and recover
3. Angelica Root Extra
*Energizes cells to keep skin vibrant and young

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I only purchased 2 products to try. They are :
1. NT Cleansing Foam 4.5oz
This cleansing foam feels so smooth and soft while I wash my face but after I rinse it off with warm water, it makes my skin feel little dry ! I think this is for normal to oily skin.

2. NT Emulsion II  5.0 oz
The Emulsion is very liquidity and light weight; a little goes long way. There is not much scent in these products. I wish I can smell the Ginseng.

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Over all, I feel this line is a good starters kit for someone has never used skin care before. Why ? Well, over all the consistency were light weight and the steps were not too complicated. Did I mention the package were so beautiful and fresh. As always, I recommend that you try out one or two products before you purchase a full line.


Skin Care Tips in 2 Minutes

Last week I posted the first video from my new series, “Skin Care Tips In Two Minutes”. This video blog is intended to share and answer questions you may have in a quick and informative two minute video. I will share quick and easy tips that will fit any lifestyle! Leave your skin care questions in the commend area and you just may see you question answered in the series.

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