Louis Vuitton Fall 2013 Modul Collection Review

Louis Vuitton Fall 2013 Modul Collection

Louis Vuitton Modul Bag, Strap and Clasp

I have been collecting Louis Vuitton for the past 20 years. If you were to ask “why” I have been drawn to Louis Vuitton, it would be very difficult for me to articulate one specific reason. Louis Vuitton quality and useability certainly rank very high on my list, not to belittle the overall design and travel friendly features which I love so much. Nevertheless, I have never been disappointed with a LV purchase.

If you are like me, we are always looking to get the most for our money. Therefore, when considering a Louis Vuitton purchase, I would highly recommend that you consider buying your designer bag in a department store such as Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus. Service at these high end department stores is excellent, and you can enjoy their points system when you make your purchase using a store credit card. I commonly get a nice gift card which I use toward the purchase of cosmetics etc.

Last year I began purchasing as many Louis Vuitton limited edition items as I could afford. Secretly, I convinced myself that I needed an upgrade … but don’t tell anyone LOL … not to mention how much we hate to stumble across another LV enthusiast with the same bag! One great thing about Louis Vuitton is that they protect their limited editions by truly limiting the number of those items they produce.

  1. Show pieces
  2. Limited quantity
  3. Limited base on event or location

Not all limited bags are over $3000, it depends on the styles, and sometime you can get an amazing LV limited edition for under $1500. So don’t be shy asking for the limited edition bag next time your in the market, you may be happily surprised.

I was in Saks Fifth Avenue Beverly Hills, CA and saw this bright yellow clutch and immediately fell in love. The bag is called MODUL, it features the famous Damier Couleur canvas, in last fall’s design. It comes in five colors: Pistache (light mustard color); Cyan (blue color); Minosa (yellow color); Carmine (red color); Quetsche (purple color); and Piment (orange color). I loved the Minosa (yellow color) so much, I just had to get it!

Louis Vuitton Modul Bag Strap Close Up  Louis Vuitton Modul Bag Top Close Up

The actual bag size is 11″ x 7.1″ x 2″ inches, and is big enough to carry I Pad (without case) cell phone and a flat wallet. This clutch is not designed to carry your whole life in it, just a “grab and go” kind of bag. The shoulder strap is too short for me, so I also purchased the gold Ring Key Chain. The gold Ring Key Chain matches perfectly with the hardware on the bag and extends the shoulder strap another 10-12 inches.

I really enjoy sharing my Louis Vuitton shopping experience with everyone, feel free to send me a comment and and any feedback. I created a very special video for the Louis Vuitton Modul Bag, check it out!

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