Birchbox For Men, January 2014 Review

Birchbox For Men 2 January 2014January ushers in a brand new year, and with every New Year comes a brand new set of resolutions. Looking back through the years, how often have you kept your New Years Resolutions? I decided long ago to stop publically announcing my New Year’s resolutions; I find it’s much less embarrassing to simply go with the flow. However, I would love to hear your New Year’s resolutions, so please share.

Just when I thought the Christmas gifts had come to an end, my January Birchbox appeared in the mailbox. When I opened the box the first thing I saw was a pair men’s underwear by Tommy John! What a great surprise! Here are the items including in the January Birchbox:

 Billy Jealousy

A liquid sand exfoliating facial cleanser / a full size sells for $24. What is it: A gentle exfoliator that cleanses and sloughs away dead skin from a healthier complexion. How to use: Use every other day, massage a quarter size dollop into wet face before rinsing thoroughly. Mr. Jan’s thoughts: I like the sandy feeling on the skin, it defiantly gives you a clean feeling. The product has a very light scent, which is plus, as most men do not want a strong fragrance in their skin care, just not manly enough.

English Laundry

Notting Hill/Full size sells for $70 – $85. What is it: A standout fragrance that pairs notes of bergamot and sage with the woodsy scent of amber. How to use: Sprits each wrist once and dab on your neck. Mr. Jan’s thoughts:  I love the earthly scent, it is deep and rich, perfect for a first date! Wear fragrances like an outfit, because everyday you will experience different weather conditions and surroundings. I found wearing a rich and deep scent gives me more confident. Try it and let me know!


Dry Deodorant Wipes, a six (6) pack sells for $16. What is it: Innovative wipes that purge clothing of persistent odors, from smoke to post – workout. How to use: Slide fingers onto the sleeve, than swipe across clothing and hair to eradicate odor. Mr. Jan’s thoughts: two words Korean BBQ !!! It’s perfect to use after BBQ , we all know what your cloths will smell like after eating that stuff.

The Sasquatch Soap Company

Gold moss Bar Soap, a full size sells for $6. What it is: Hydrating soap made with natural oils to help you wash –but not smell – like a mountain man. How to use: Use your hands or washcloth to work up a rich lather, wash and then rinse. Mr. Jan’s thoughts: I am confused, because I can’t tell if this is for face or body? After I tried it on my hands, it made my hands feel squeaky clean, but a little dry, so I would not use this product on my face.

Tommy John

Sport Truck 360 sells separately for $31. What is it: performance trunks that flex with you body and wick away moisture for daylong comfort also enhance your workday or workout. Mr. Jan’s thoughts: what a surprise, underwear in this month’s Birchbox. Great deal, the truck give a good support when you workout, but I wouldn’t wear this daily, I am just not a truck guy!

Birchbox For Men 1 January 2014


Skin Care Essentials Series, Episode 4, Moisturizers

I am so happy to announce that episode number 4 of my Skin Care Essentials series has been uploaded to YouTube. This episode is all about skin moisturizers and choosing the right moisturizer for your particular skin condition. Make sure that you watch all the way to the end where I will give you some great tips on applying your moisturizer.

January 2014 Luxury Skin Care Giveaway

To celebrate the release of my Skin Care Essentials series, we are giving away a Cle de Peau Intensive Facial Contour Serum valued at $160.00. To be eligible for this prize you must do the following:

For Instagram Followers:  Screen capture the Instagram post below, and repost with #mrjanallinone

For Facebook Followers: Share this post on your Facebook timeline

AND for both Instagram and Facebook Followers, you must subscribe to my YouTube channel, Mr. Jan All In One, and like three (3) of the Skin Care Essential videos. Contest will end on January 19, 2014 at 12:00 PM PST. Good luck everyone!

Cle de Peau Synactif Review

Exclusive Cle de Peau Synactif Sample Set

I’m starting off the New Year with my review of a sample set of Cle de Peau Synactif products. OMG, this is the top of the skin care line for Cle de Peau! A full size of each of these products (5 in all) would cost $1750. I can’t wait to try it!!

Cle de Peau Synactif Promotional Sample SetSynactif boutique is the first skin care line that will help detoxify the skin by removing unwanted wasted build up and fluid from skin. When lymphatic channels are in healthy state and functioning properly, they help “purify” skin by removing harmful substances such as inflamed cells and excess water. Dehydration, stress, UV rays and toxin build up will increase the lymphatic block.

The Synactif skin care products include a newly discovered ingredient that strengthens the functions of lymphatic channels …however, I still recommend massaging the face regularly to improve the overall skin condition. Massaging the face regularly helps to detoxify the skin. Keep in mind, if you have a sensitive skin condition, you should moderate the amount of massaging you do on your face. For more information on this, see my video from the Skin Care Essentials series featuring skin conditions on YouTube.

This is an exclusive sample set that is only available to regular customers. The sample set I obtained was provided for my blog review. However, each of these products can be purchased separately.

Savon Soap:

This facial soap give you a cashmere soft feeling and lots foam with just little amount…the feeling of this is unbelievable

 Softening lotion:

I would say this is toner, but in a lotion form, give your skin a radiant clarity and hydration.

 Daytime Moisturizer with SPF 17:

Face cream offer UVB and UVA protections plus keep skin looking  vibrant all day.

Nighttime moisturizer:

A rich cream effectively restores moisture and repairs skin as you sleep. It can be apply around the eye and mouth.

Intensive Cream:

The best of the best!! This cream addresses all visible signs of aging by reducing wrinkles, sagging, dark spots and dullness.  I would say if you just looking for one product that will do it all. This is it however is 40ml for $1000

Check out Synactif website to learn more

 My Tip: 

Always purchase your skin care or makeup with same person, you never know what he or she will send you as a special gifts for being a loyal customer.

Skin Care Essentials Series, Episode 1, Skin Conditions is on YouTube!

I am so happy to report that the first episode of my Skin Care Essentials series has been uploaded to YouTube! This episode is designed to help you determine your skin condition. Determining your “skin condition” is the initial and most important step in your quest to purchase the correct skin care products.